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Hint: You can download this design from my wife's page (use button "Free Designs" to visit her page)


PesView is a small and fast, dialogboxbased Design-Fileviewer for Win95/98. It is capable to display the following kinds of embroidery design files:

You can convert these files to the following formats:

You can zoom/rotate the graphics to check a design (that will work only in Preview Mode. It will not rotate/enlarge design when saving).
Pfaffies: PesView will only check if a design has more than 16 colors and will stop Pfaff Conversion in that case. It will not check count of stitches, hoop sizes. You should check the design-information to figure out if it really makes sense to try a conversion.


I do not give any warranty for functionality. Software always may have bugs. Therefore you download and use my programs AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All my programs are intended to support hobbyists, who do not want to spend too much money for buying software. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to make money with my program, like for example selling, commercial distribution, putting it on shareware CD's, etc.
You can share my software with your friends, you can install it on every PC you like. So my programs are like Freeware as long as there is no commercial interest when giving away copies of my programs.


Download the ZIP-File and extract PESVIEW.EXE to a directory of your choice. Afterwards simply create a link to it. You can create a link with Microsoft Windows-Explorer or by right-clicking on an empty space of the desktop using the NEW-Menu.

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Copyright: Joachim Riedel
Last Modification: November 23rd, 2002