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February,14th, 2004: EMBCopy now supports up to 1000 categories for sorting, bug fixes

November 23rd, 2002: now support for files created with version PE-Design 5.0

June 2002:Pesview now also supports JANOME-SEW-Format (read-only)

New Feature: Drag-and-Drop Design-files from your Windows Explorer to Pesview

Freeware-Programs available for Download:

Pesview 1.3.0, simple Viewer/Conversion-Tool for PES/PEC/PCS/DST/SEW
EasyPEC 1.3, quickly convert PES-5.0/PES-4.0/PES-3.0/PES-2.5/PES2.0 to PEC 1.0
EMBCopy 0.9, ingenious tool for copying/sorting/maintaining your design collection

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Last Modification: June 19th, 2005