After downloading PES-Files from the Internet some people encountered the problem that their software gave them errors like "Unknown File type". EasyPEC is a conversion tool that reads PES-Files created with Brother PE-Design 1.0, Brother PE-Design 2.0/2.5, Brother PE-Design 3.0 or Brother PE-Design 3.0 and converts them to PE-Design-1.0 PEC-Format. Most programs are able to read in these "old-style" PEC-Files.

If you use one of these programs, then EasyPEC is a must:

EasyPEC has a filter function that checks the version of your PES-Files before trying to convert them:

other application

Just convert any PES-File to a PEC-File. Useful for example if you want to send designfiles via Email. PEC-Files are only about a third in size than the according PES-File.

Brother PE-Design 1.0

You own Brother PE-Design 1.0 or Bernina Artista Designer 1.0. In this case you need to convert only files created with Brother PE-Design 2.0 or newer.

Brother PE-Design 2.0

You own Brother PE-Design 2.0. In this case you need to convert only files created with Brother PE-Design 2.5 or newer.

Brother PE-Design 2.5

You own Brother PE-Design 2.5. In this case you need to convert only files created with Brother PE-Design 3.0. This option will convert a 3.0-PES-File to a 2.5-PES-File. If you want PEC-Files then check option PE-Design 2.0

What's new:

EasyPEC is now capable to convert the new multipart-files created with Brother PE-Design 2.5/3.0. If you convert a 3.0-File to 2.5-File it will convert PES to PES, one file. Otherwise it will extract each part to a separate file. For example you have a file teddy.pes which consists of 4 parts, then EasyPEC will create these four files:

teddy01.pec, teddy02.pec, teddy03.pec,teddy04.pec


When converting from Version 3.0 to 2.5 EasyPEC renames files to *.old and will delete *.old-files. Therefore I suggest to backup all your files before you use EasyPEC.


I do not give any warranty for functionality. Software always may have bugs. Therefore you download and use my programs AT YOUR OWN RISK.

All my programs are intended to support hobbyists, who do not want to spend too much money for buying software. Therefore it is strictly forbidden to make money with my program, like for example selling, commercial distribution, putting it on shareware CD's, etc.
You can share my software with your friends, you can install it on every PC you like. So my programs are like Freeware as long as there is no commercial interest when giving away copies of my programs.


Download the ZIP-File and extract EASYPEC.EXE to a directory of your choice. Afterwards simply create a link to it. You can create a link with Microsoft Windows-Explorer or by right-clicking on an empty space of the desktop using the NEW-Menu.

EasyPEC (english version) Download now

Copyright: Joachim Riedel
Last Modification: November, 23rd, 2002