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Joachim, July 2000

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Since July 2001 I'm working as a Java Developer in the banking/finance area.

Windows programming is something I do only at home, mostly at the weekend. After my wife bought a Brother SNOOPY machine and Brother PE-Design 1.0-software I started with my programs to help her using designs downloaded from the Internet (PE-Design 2.0, Pfaff PCS, Tajima DST).

After I finished my first program, PESVIEW, I offered it as Freeware to help other embroidery hobbyists too. That's my major intention. Positive feedback is a very nice reward for a Freeware-Programmer. So if you like my new program EMBCopy, then please send me a postcard. More info about "Postcard-Ware" can be found in the EMBCopy-section.

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